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One to Watch: Jewelry Designer Erin Considine



    Four years ago, DC-native Erin Considine moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn to hone a natural knack for jewelry design."Everyone in my family is either a designer or engineer with a very inquisitive, do-it-yourself mentality," explains Considine, whose unusual crocheted jewelry-making technique she attributes, in part, to the "textile techniques in metal" course she took while studying at North Carolina's Penland School of Craft.

    "It was my first time in a jewelry studio and I was hooked ... When I got back to Olympia for the fall semester, I immediately headed to the jewelry studio and focused on making small-scale sculptures."

    The most striking thing about Considine's collections is their soft, organic appeal, with most pieces swathed in fuzzy dip-dyed yarn or wrapped in loosely-woven materials. "Everything is made entirely by hand," she explains. "For the hardware, I usually carve, manipulate wax or find objects to be cast."

    For the yarn -- typically a cotton or silk hand-dyed with natural minerals like turmeric or onion skins -- Considine's varied techniques include "weaving, plaiting, crocheting, knitting and twining." The natural vibe of her work is consistent with a poetic source of inspiration, which Considine describes as "the natural and found worlds in various stages of growth and decay." Lovely though that might sound, we're happy to report that Considine is herself in a stage of major artistic growth.

    Erin Considine's jewelry is available online on her website, as well as at Duo in the East Village.