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One to Watch: BRVTVS



    Los Angeles native Caroline Ventura never expected to be making jewelry for a living. "It started as a completely selfish endeavor," explains the designer, who has since relocated to New York City. "I really wanted a simple delicate gold bracelet but couldn't find one I liked, so I just decided to make it myself!"

    Soon after, Ventura honed her skills through welding and chain-making classes. "I find that I learn better when I'm just sitting at my bench figuring out stuff on my own," she says. It wasn't long before she had a complete collection of baubles on her hands, chistened BRVTVS—as in, Brutus the Younger, who assasinated Julius Caesar.

    "I thought it would be funny to name the line after someone who was only famous for conspiring to kill his best friend," says Ventura, who now names all the pieces in her collection, which launched officially last year, after historical figures or Latin words.  

    Its namesake may be a figure from days of yore, but the collection is decidedly forward-thinking in its execution. "I really love clean lines and minimal geometric shapes," the designer says of her inspiration sources. "Anything that has a little restraint and is delicate gets a thumbs up from me."

    For now, Ventura's sleek, modern designs are forged exclusively from gold. "There's something really beautiful and precious to me about that metal," she explains. "Down the line maybe I'll branch out into other materials, but right now it's all gold, all the time."

    So much the better, as far as we're concerned; the warm metal lends itself to understated pieces like the "Magna Vectis" earrings—which look like slim gold staples—or the subtle "Constantine III" bracelet, which consists of a single gold chain furbished with a trio of delicate triangles.

    "I always wear at least one of the 'Vectis' earrings," Ventura admits. "And I never take off the chain rings, I wear them in different combinations every day."

    But no bracelets? "I just got a brand new puppy who likes to chew on my wrists," says Ventura. "So I don't have any bracelets on at the moment." Ah, the satorial sacrifices we make for furry friends.

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