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Odin Launches Floral Unisex Fragrance



    In a welcome break from all the celeb-endorsed fragrance launches of late, Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi of NYC fave, Odin, have cooked up a delicious new unisex floral fragrance that hits their Odin and Pas de Deux stores this week.

    We were already fans of Odin's four previous unisex parfums—01, Nomad, 02, Owari and 03, Century—so it hardly comes as a surprise that 04, Petrana, named after a rare, briefly-blooming black iris flower, is a total knockout. A little softer than its predecessors, Petrana combines sweet and musky notes with exotic ingredients like wild orris root, green violet leaf, deep purple cassis and spicy pink pepper.

    Romantically, the new scent, created by French parfumeur Jean Claude Delville, was designed to transport the wearer to "a Jordianian desert landscape, covered in blooming black iris." Personally, we always love a good desert-scape fantasy with our new fragrances. But we advise you to spray sparingly! In true Odin fashion, prices are a tad steep at $110 per bottle.