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Odds Are High That Bruce Oldfield Will Design Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown



    In today's Kate Middleton buzz, the wedding dress guessing game falls to British designer and popular couturier-to-the-upper-crust Bruce Oldfield as the odds-on favorite.

    We can appreciate that the royal wedding, Middleton Madness has already reached fever pitch, and there's still nearly five months to go--but it's all in good fun, and now there's an Irish booky involved, collecting bets (bets!) on the who will design the wedding dress. Who said it's not a (potentially zany) fairy tale come true?

    So, here are the stats, according to WWD: bookmaker Paddy Power has closed betting with 500-pounders (about $780USD) thrown in the pot, making the odds 1-3 that Oldfield will design the dress. Oldfield has served as the go-to outfitter for London's society set and royalty worldwide for decades, having dressed Samantha Cameron, Queen Rania of Jordan, as well as Middleton's late future mother-in-law, Princess Diana on several occasions. His style is mainly sleek-traditional with a focus on glamour tempered with elegance.

    Neither the castle or the couturier have confirmed any details, nor, do we expect that they will anytime soon—tradition dictates the groom cannot see the dress before the big day, but is there anything in the rulebooks about the whole world not knowing about the dress designer?

    More importantly, is there some fashion OTB we never knew about?