Odd Molly: A Boho Fairytale (with Hot Pink Extensions) - NBC New York

Fall 2014

Odd Molly: A Boho Fairytale (with Hot Pink Extensions)



    The spirit of '69 is alive and well in Swedish design duo Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan and Per Holknekt, who together create the happy hippie team that is Odd Molly. Specializing in quirky "Renaissance Fair" fashion with a modern twist, Odd Molly is an easy choice for boho babes the world over who crave a bit of patchwork peeking beneath their crocheted cardigans.

    But the secret to Odd Molly's success last night was in its styling and presentation. What could easily have come off as a general Free People rehashing instead felt whimsical and romantic, thanks in large part to the heavily layered styling (as in the opening look, which featured a metallic knit slip beneath a fringe patchwork dress beneath a lilac cardi) and the addition of hot pink hair extensions woven into the models' long, side-swept braids.

    But frequently the layering got a little heavy-handed, and some looks wound up looking like a raid on grandma's attic.  The aesthetic tended to be most convincing with the younger, bedroom-y pieces, like a pair of silk ruffle shorts and matching cami styled with pale gray thigh-high socks, or memorably, the nude crochet mini shorts with fluttering bits of fringe. Reminders both that you can still do irreverence and whimsy without looking stuffy and out of touch.