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Nonoo Lyons Fall 2010: Jackets, Jackets, Jackets



    Fashion can pull out a lot of bells and whistles to hype itself up, but Nonoo Lyons needs nothing of the sort - the new-ish design duo continued its strong ride to recognition with a fall 2010 presentation of cracker jack pieces characterized by highly intuitive tailoring. 

    We were first introduced to the delightful ladies last year and were immediately bewitched by the simplicity and strength of the Nonoo Lyons aesthetic.  They say you should dress for the job/life you want (rather than the one you've got).

    Soooo, we'd like the whole fall collection, please.  The pieces are bursting with life, creativity and smarts, and are refreshingly devoid of gimmicks. They're pretty, wearable, and chic silhouettes with good, strong construction. There's color, texture and trimmings too. Highlights for fall include luxed-up fur, a delicious cobalt blue showstopper and quilted leather on soft wool. 

    Basically, the line subtly showcases sophistication worthy of a PYT with a good head on her shoulders. That'd be us, for sure.