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Next Up for Target Line: Mulberry



    While the big news might seem to be the CFDA Award winners, Target today released this nugget: The lower-price chain's next designer collection will be handbags by Mulberry.

    The motherland's venerable luxury leather goods retailer will democratize its sturdy, country-inspired accessories for the masses in the New World with the affordable Mulberry for Target capsule collection, scheduled to hit Target stores and online on October 10. , and will be carried right through Christmas (attention holiday shoppers) until December 26.

    Frankly, handbags seem like the most difficult thing to design on the cheap -- thus, the reason that so many designers have the luxury to create more high-end options that consumers are actually likely to invest in. A fantastic-looking floral dress that actually feels cheap to the touch is a far lesser offense, fashion-wise, than a cool-looking handbag made out of unyielding pleather. So it will be interesting to see how a reputable brand like Mulberry's off-price options stack up.