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Naomi Campbell Signs "No Phone Throwing Zone" Pledge for Oprah



    You knew it was coming: Set your DVR or stay home from work, Naomi Campbell recently taped an episode of Oprah which will air on Monday, answering tough questions and signing a "No Phone Throwing Zone" promise -- a play on Oprah's new standard "No Phone Zone" texting-while-driving pledge.

    Fashion's freshest (in the misbehaving sense of the word) supermodel Naomi Campbell has proven over the years that she's much more than just a beautiful face -- several altercations between her and staff, media and loved ones involving flying Blackberries and other forms of violence have painted a less than pretty picture.  For the first time, Campbell has the chance to tell her side of the story to the masses, when she appears on Oprah.

    According to WWD, the taping was an emotional one with Campbell's mother and boyfriend in the audience, and with that eyebrow-raising pledge, we're assuming some tough love from Oprah.  A ferocious mega-beauty going face to face with the mega-media mogul who gets the most juice out of her guests -- basically the perfect storm for gossip-y guilty pleasures.