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Meet Our New Faces!



    In case you missed it, Thread NY recently turned one, and to celebrate, here's a guide to the current roster of new faces and one-year veterans.

    First the newbies ...

    Laura Neilson joins us as contributing editor from such esteemable publications as west coast style mag Foam and Cool Hunting, covering such diverse territory as Victor & Rolf dolls and hamburger vending machines (true story!). She's a self-affirmed non-Tweeter and non-Facebooker, but we're pretty sure she'll come around. Did we mention she's very stylish?

    Marni Katz, our new deputy fashion and shopping editor, started her career in the fashion closet of Rolling Stone, gave Heidi Klum her first cover when she was working as a model editor, and can claim to have worked in the online world back when AOL still had "channels." When she's not scouring the interwebs for fabulous prints, Marni gives her thoughts on decor over on

    Shopping editor Tiffany Davis was plucked from the nexus of daily shopping news -- DailyCandy -- to come write about stores, finds, and more. Frankly, she was so good, we plucked her straight outta Atlanta. She's blogged, reviewed, tasted, and traveled for the likes of Allure, CNN, CBS, Glamour, and more, and now she's officially had her Thread NY baptism-by-fire in the form of the recent Alexander Wang sample sale. We've currently got her running laps in heels to prepare for her next big challenge: Fashion's Night Out!

    In addition to all the new talent, here's a toast to our steadfast writers ...

    Our longest-serving contributor, Kelly O'Reilly, has seen it all -- from braving the Momsen hordes at Macy's to interviewing Betsey Johnson to submitting to being our resident jeans model for a shopping video (and she looks good). In addition to being Thread NY's longest-running writer (other than yours truly, of course), Kelly has written for the Huffington Post, DailyCandy, and more.

    Last, but certainly not least, Catherine Blair Pfander (who goes by "Blair" most of the time, or Ms. Pfander if you're nasty) is a scholar, impossible-cool-and-under-the-radar-designer finder extaordinaire, and -- when she's not found right here on Thread NY -- can also be found on V Magazine.