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Marc Jacobs' Ad for Bang is Making a Lot of Noise



    When it comes to getting attention, Marc Jacobs has done a bang-up job with his latest ad campaign. While most of us look to Calvin Klein for boundary-pushing advertisements—remember all those traffic-halting billboards on Houston Street featuring half-nude models and the occasional celebrity writhing around on top of each other—Jacobs' new fragrance for men, boldly named Bang, may have gone too far, suggests the New York Post.

    For Bang, Jacobs is his very own poster boy, reclining nude on what looks like a gold-plated glacier with his man parts covered by an oversized bottle of the cologne. It's a celebration of his newly-buffed physique, as well as without question, a means to provoke. While Jacobs' ads have always had some element of irreverence or cheekiness to them, like the ones featuring Winona Ryder post-shoplifting arrest, or those in which Victoria Beckham was swallowed up by gigantic MJ shopping bags, this particular campaign seems to be stirring up more controversy than usual due to their homoerotic undertones—that, and perhaps the fact that Jacobs is being bold enough to showcase himself as the model.

    But before too many men get their panties in a bunch over Jacobs' suggestive pose and bedroom eyes, consider this: 60 percent of men’s cologne is bought by women (so it's really your girlfriend that Mr. Jacobs is angling for).