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Lynne Hiriak Carries Crystals and Morroccan Eucalyptus

[THREAD] Lynne Hiriak Carries Crystals and Morroccan Eucalyptus



    Based on the ultimate everday wardrobe staple, New York label Cardigan by Lynne Hiriak combines cozy knits with cheeky design flourishes, like bold stripes, playful polkadots and preppy details.

    If you've been following her inspiration blog, In the Navy, you know that Lynne approaches everything in life with the same eye for detail—including the contents of her stylish Smythson satchel, which she stocks with invigorating essential oils, Muji pens and a collection of healing crystals.

    1. Smythson Notebook: "Green is my favorite color. I still like to write old-fashioned notes in a good old-fashioned notebook."

    2. iPhone and Headphones: "I don't leave home without it. I mostly listen to Bach, or classical music--especially in the morning."

    3. Essential Oils: "Eucalyptus from Morocco, a gift from my friend Caroline or BRVTVS fame. I love smelly things. This travel size is perfect."

    4. Pan Away Oil: "A cure-all for headache, ailments, muscle pain, and fatigue. I usually carry peppermint oil, but I gave it away to a sick friend, which I tend to do a lot."

    5. Christian Dior Lipstick: "#638, the perfect shade of red."

    6. Muji Pen: "Efficiency in writing."

    7. Mario Badescu Lip Balm: "This balm fits neatly in my not-so-large bag. I'm a lip balm addict."

    8. Crystals: "Peridot, onyx, meteorite. I change my crystals daily depending on what I feel my needs are for that day. Amethyst is on my keychain, so that's with me daily."

    To check out the complete Cardigan collection, visit


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