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In a Recent Poll, Men Found Figure-Flattering Dresses Make Women Look Promiscuous



    Grazia UK reports today on a recent London-based survey that polled men on their understanding of their girlfriends' fashion and dressing habits. Clearly we expected some "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" answers, but perhaps most surprising was the finding that 57 percent of the men felt that a figure-fitting dress, aka the "body-con" dress made a woman look more promiscuous than any other clothing item.

    Here's a breakdown of the results:

    1. The ‘Body-con’ Dress - 57%

    2. Crop Tops- 53%

    3. Corset Tops- 51%

    4. Lace - 45%

    5. ‘Underwear as Outerwear’ - 43%

    6. Pencil Skirts - 38%

    7. Knee-High Boots - 32%

    8. Stiletto High Heels - 29%

    9. Mini Skirts - 22%

    10. Hipster Jeans - 19%

    It's baffling to see that a body-con dress such as the famous bandage-style dress popularized by Herve Leger—and greatly admired by women all over—could be considered such a high-profile item on the promiscuity-ratings scale, especially in comparison to some of the other entries. While body-con does mean "body conscious" it doesn't necessarily point to sexy or slutty. What's wrong with donning a figure-flattering silhouette that yes, shows off a few curves? While not all figure-skimming dresses are created or worn equally, sure (there are some that do indeed convey more of an "on the prowl" air) to have an overwhelming majority of the poll's participants peg it as the number one most promiscuous-looking apparel item makes us question their understanding of the style.

    The fact that short, mini skirts are lesser-ranked than pencil skirts should discredit the poll and its participants even further.