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Lucchese Unleashes New Diva Boots Line, Design Contest



    Western bootmaker Lucchese will launch a new Diva line, comprised of limited-edition styles for women, as well as an online contest for consumers to submit their own custom design.

    We understand that this is a New York fashion blog, so cowboy boots may seem off-character.  However, even though they were originally made for the renegades of the Wild West, we happen to believe that cowboy boots are an essential city staple -- rugged, chic and the perfect stack heel for walking. What's more, Lucchese has long set the standard for cowboy boots, so you'll have nce you break in a pair, you'll have them, and love them, forever.

    But, we digress.

    Lucchese's new Diva line will introduce new, limited-edition styles every few weeks, beginning with a trio of feminine, embellished pairs each given an Italian woman's name. 

    The real meat of the news is their clever interactive tactic: before March 22, consumers are invited to enter their own designs with templates provided by the company, and can also write an essay telling the story behind the design.  The winners will receive a pair of their own design and will have their boot and essay touted on the brand's Facebook page.