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Levis CurveID Jumps on Denim's Body Shape-Focused Bandwagon



    Levi's will launch the women's CurveID line for fall, as denim brands emphasize body shapes with their sizing processes.

    The new CurveID "subbrand" introduces a variety of fits in slight curve, demi curve and bold curve, with a fourth, even curvier curve being introduced in December. The initiative represents Levi's push to increase their minority women's business (according to WWD, it comprises less than 30 percent), by interpreting thousands of female body scans to pinpoint the most accurate fits for women's bodies. The campaign tag line, with its intentionally cheeky pun, "All asses were not created equal," will run in the fashion mags, in addition to a worlwide street campaign, and virally across the galaxy of social media.

    Tomorrow, CurveID will open a "digital dressing room" to explain how the whole deal works (we'll be putting it to the test). It will be interesting to see how the efforts of denim veteran Levi's will stack up to other recent ladies' fit innovations, including Old Navy's Booty Reader and shapewear-turned-sportswear brands like MiracleBody.

    We'll do some shimmying into all these different shapes and offer up a full report.