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Lenny Kravitz Designs Groovy Slip-Ons for Tom's

[THREAD] Lenny Kravitz Designs Groovy Slip-Ons for Tom's



    Fresh from his stint as Cinna, the sympathetic stylist in "The Hunger Games," rocker Lenny Kravitz is trying his hand at real-world fashion design with a collection of custom slip-on for Tom's.

    The collection, which launched quietly last week, was inspired by Kravitz' dedication to "creative and low-impact living," says the official Tom's blog.

    Unlike former Tom's collaborators Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, whose luxury editions of the signature slip-on shoe were executed in cashmere, Kravitz' collection has an earthy, "Summer of '69" vibe: a black canvas pair, for example, is scrawled with the phrase "let love rule" in loopy white cursive; a burlap-looking pair is finished with a crisp geometric print.

    According to AP, the collaboration came together at the insistence of Kravitz' stylish daughter, Zoe, who encouraged her father to get involved.

    "They remind me a little of the shoes my mom would wear in the '70s," Kravitz told AP.

    Regardless of whether you slip your toes into a pair of the rockstar's groovy kicks this summer, it's certain that the fashion community (not to mention legions of "Hunger Games" fans) will be watching closely to see if Cinna's fictional fashion career translates into reality.