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Label to Watch: Janz & Cooper



    Though the collection is only three styles deep, it's almost impossible to choose a favorite from British eye wear label Janz & Cooper. Each acetate frame looks like a little work of art: light and delicate with extreme precision of shape and texture.

    Choose from "Swell Well Well," perhaps the most classic round-framed offering; "Oh Nico," which features an angeled square shape; and "This is Not a Mountain," the quirkiest of the J&C styles and a little reminiscent of those perfectly circular pilot shades. Each style is available in a wide range of colors and, surprisingly, fabrics. One pair of "Swell Well Wells" comes in a bright floral material and screams "Spring has Sprung."

    Their gorgeous website, which is still under construction, is definitely worth a peek: heavy on video content and set to slightly spooky piano tunes, each photo springs to life when you roll your mouse over it, and a smouldering model demonstrates how to remove and replace your sunnies with style. Because the online shop isn't quite complete, the company is currently accepting email and phone orders (they will fit prescription lenses!). 

    Drop them a line at