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Know Right Now: New Aussie Label, mypetsQuare



    We're always on the hunt for fresh new labels designing fun, wearable clothes, so we were ecstatic to come across three-year-old Aussie brand, mypetsQuare, whose current summer collection is practically a study in youthful mirth.

    Designed by unlikely bosom buddies Aneglique May-Bennett, a former model and stylist, and Vicki Lee, an ex-litigator, the brand gravitates toward flirty modern shapes and vintage-inspired staples, executed in lush materials and punctuated by splashes of quirky prints (this season, their favorite was a wide, circus tent stripe). There's no shortage of girly-girl party frocks—one black silk cocktail dress with mesh cutouts at the bust and arms is subtly sexy without being too va va voom—but its the styilng that gives every piece its easy, effortless appeal:  each look is shown with black lace-up brogues and white bobby socks, a la Jean Seberg in Breathless.

    Some of mypetsQuare's most winning styles are those that appear to be pulled straight out of old photos: a deep-v sundress with bright red vertical stripes is perfectly suited to our current heatwave, and an easy-peasy cotton dress with a button-down neckline would be a seasonless wardrobe staple. We're also enamored with the washed-leather t-shirt in golden taupe, which could be a spectacular layering piece come fall. Fellas will delight in their new men's offering, which uses all the same colors and textures as the ladies' collection, but injected with an early 1960's, James Dean vibe.