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Know Right Now: Nektar de Stagni



    Nektar de Satgni's jewelry looks like it was rescued from a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean.  The rough settings and crusty edges of her new "Snakes and Pearls" collection gives each piece a gritty, organic feel--which, as it happens, is exactly what we're looking for this spring.

    De Stagni uses everything from naturally-formed pearls and sea sand to sterling silver, smoky crystals, pyrite and bone in her work. The complete "Snakes and Pearls" collection includes rope crystal necklaces, strings of uneven pearls, and rings that may have been alive recently, with coral-like spikes and briney textures.

    We're in love with the "crystal and silver" ring that looks like it was plucked off a mermaid's finger during some undersea adventure.  The whole range, come to think of it, is very mermaid-like--which could be an interesting twist on the whole nautical trend, if you think about it.

    Prices range from $235 to $290. Shop the "Snakes and Pearls" collection at Nektar de Stagni's online boutique.