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Know Right Now: Corrie Williamson



    The chunky wood-block jewelry from UK designer Corrie Williamson is just the thing we've been looking for to accompany all the bright textural trends for fall. Juxtaposing natural elements against synethetic materials, every Williamson piece looks like a treasure scrounged from a Kenyan flea market--and, equally, like something from the display case at Oak.

    Corrie's eye for color-blocking and geometric design keep the collection fresh and forward, but not so edgy that you could only wear it for a few seasons. We're head-over-heels for a heavy wood necklace that looks like building blocks, and simple rings made from thin strips of natural wood and black plastics, layered against each other to create a stripe-y zebra effect.

    If you're looking to make a statement, look no further than a long, ladder-like necklace made from thick rungs of wood and strung together with mixed chains.  We can't wait to style one of WIlliamson's pieces with some of the season's crazy printed pants and dresses!

    You can order Corrie Williamson jewelry online at Kabiri.