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Know Right Now: Christine J. Brandt



    Christine J. Brandt may work with simple materials in creating her jewelry, but there's nothing average about the results. The Williamsburg-based artist, whose collections feature raw minerals and hand-carved wood, has become a go-to source bold but unpretentious statement pieces.

    Born in Japan and raised abroad in Europe and Scandinavia before settling in the United States, Brandt's work is as enviable and exotic as her upbringing.  The organic contour of her rings is achieved through hours of meticulous hand-sculpting and polishing; Brandt refuses to let any chemicals, such as varnish or wood stain, compromise the natural beauty of a finished piece, and relies instead on a few layers of Danish Oil and (gee, shucks) elbow grease.

    For now, Brandt's work is available only on a made-to-order basis, but a consultation is well worth the trip to her sun-drenched Williamsburg studio, where she's been known to offer tea and treats next to her case of candy-colored gemstones.

    To set up an appointment or just got more info, you can contact Christine at