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Karl Lagerfeld Designs a Safe



    Collaboration news is beginning to look more and more like headlines from The Onion, including this one: According to WWD, Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with German luxury safe maker Döttling on a limited-edition safe

    Apparently, Lagerfeld feels you can indeed judge someone's ridiculously expensive valuables by their cover, as his new creation has been declared the world's most epensive of its kind at about 250,000 euros, or about $339,000. 

    The haute vault, called -- get this -- the "Narcissus" is a six-foot-tall steel trunk less than a foot deep and encased in high-gloss chrome-plated aluminum, whose doors butterfly open to jewelry drawers and watch windows.  There will be 30 safes made in total, which seems like the reasonable estimate of how many people would actually be able to purchase a jewelry box the price of a medium-sized house, let alone have room for one. (Sidebar: think it'd be physically possible for Karl Lagerfeld to stuff himself into the trunk?  Just curious, we vote yes.)