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J Brand Expands into Sportswear for Spring 2012



    Having amassed a devoted fanbase for its trend-blazing styles and perfectly-fitting jeans, J Brand will expand into sportswear for Spring 2012.

    According to WWD, the six-year-old brand is making a gentle introduction of denim-complementary blazers, sweaters, tops and trousers in 60 of its 2,500 stockists, after unveiling the line to buyers at the start of fashion week on September 7.

    J Brand founder Jeff Rudes told the daily that "it's about building an aspirational wardrobe for our girl", pointing out the detail-oriented approach to the new pieces, which feature silk chambray, cotton blended with Japanese paper and wax-coated cotton twill in a muted solid color palette of black, white, heather gray, lilac, sky blue and peach.

    The collection, which consists of140 pieces and will retail between $200-$1,500, offers more J Brand options to the many who already live in the brand's signature skinnies, jeggings and flares, though they may still wish to do so. An initial sneak peek of a spring look seems exactly in line with the brand's less-is-more approach to design, and we'd wager more than a few members of J Brand's epic fan base will snap up one or more of the new pieces next year.