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Issey Miyake's New 132 5 Collection is a 3D Wonder



    Issey Miyake revolutionized fashion with his Pleats Please collection back in 1988, and now the 72-year old designer's newest offering—his first new launch in over a decade—is an ingenious, forward-thinking fusion of old and new.

    By combining the aesthetic and method of origami with computer-generated 3D technology, Miyake's new line, 132 5, presents single garments in flat-form geometric shapes that, when pulled open, take on the three-dimensional shape of how they're intended to look on a body.   

    Miyake worked with a computer software program that generates three-dimensional shapes from a flat sheet of paper to conceive each garment (many of which can be worn multiple ways). Though the program, created by computer scientist Jun Mitani, wasn't intended for sartorial purposes, it provided the ideal blueprints from Miyaki and his design team to replicate the forms in eco-friendly recycled PET polyester.

    The combination of math and design is absolutely brilliant, and especially so coming from a veteran designer such as Issey Miyake. Here's proof that you're never too old to lead the pack.

    The line will debut in Issey Miyake stores worldwide on November 26.