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Isabel Marant in Soho Won't Open 'Till April



    After only a couple of weeks of our Marant/Dreyfuss Shopwatch, we have movement! Alas, it's not the movement we'd like: While we'd heard the store will open in "early 2010," it now seems we'll have to wait 'til April.

    A snooping session this afternoon resulted in photos of "Mr. Hatman," who appears "at work" with his brothers on the soon-to-open store. (We found the character's name hilarious since, last time we stopped by the site, we noted that there was hardly a "hard-hatted construction worker in sight.")

    As charming as Mr. Hatman and his jilted English phrasing seems, we're sad we'll have to wait a few more months for Marant's store to open its doors. We took a peek through the window and it looks like there's been some improvement, but we can be patient. We waited months for Topshop, we can definitely wait months for Marant.