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Hussein Chalayan Still Stung from One-Time Tom Ford Snub



    Designer Hussein Chalayan recenlty confessed that he's still stung over a 2001 snub from fellow designer Tom Ford.

    According to Vogue UK, he was apparently crushed when Ford passed him over for Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

    "We met up a few times in posh restaurants," said Chalayan. "They started a business plan, but then dropped me a like a hot potato and started talking to McQueen and Stella [McCartney]. I was devastated. Tom doesn't even know that. It really killed me. He told me I was too avant-garde. I thought 'Tom you are so wrong'."

    Hard feelings may linger even ten years later, but Chalayan seems to be coming into his own -- or, rather, the world is finally catching up.

    "I explored so many ideas, and people weren't ready for them," he told the Sunday Times. Indeed, the designer recently re-branded by dropping the Hussein from his label, a year and a half after buying back control from majority-owner Puma. And, of course, he's responsible for Lady Gaga's infamous egg at this year's Grammy Awards.