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Gorjana Finds Inspiration in Native American Art and Breakfast



    We're longstanding fans of Gorjana Reidel's gorgeous gold-plated baubles, which always seem to pair perfectly with piles of bangles, or a hand full of cool charm necklaces.

    Somehow, Gorjana always manages to infuse her line with a sense of subtlety and sweetness, so we were amused to see that actual baked sweets (blueberry pancakes, anyone?) were charging her imagination this summer.

    The 90’s - Neons and bright colors!

    My Son Tristan - My kids are a constant inspiration to me. They remind me to enjoy life and have fun.

    Clinton St Baking Co.- I love everything about this bakery, especially the pancakes. It’s the perfect way to start a busy day.

    Northern California Coastline – I love taking trips up the 101. The scenic coastline always inspires new ideas.

    Metal Door - The patina on this door is amazing. The varying colors and strong metal elements create a beautiful combination.

    Couple at Sea - This vintage photo exudes nautical glamor and has me dreaming up designs for our next summer collection.

    Cookies - Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I often come up with some of my best ideas when I’m cooking.

    Native American Painting - The Native American tribes are a great example of using natural elements and bright colors to adorn ones self.

    Cleopatra - This royal beauty had great taste in jewelry.

    Fall Leaves
    - I’m always inspired by the nature that surrounds me. It’s hard to beat the color pallet and detail.