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Google's Launched Today


    NEWSLETTERS looks like some other websites we know, and with its customizable features and Googliath foundation, we're predicting it'll be a hit.

    Several of Boutiques' pages strike a very similar—almost identical, in some cases—chord to Net-a-Porter, the e-commerce site with a slew of editorial features that's uber successful, but concentrated to the high end. Adopting that aesthetic, it seems Google's Boutiques is aiming for respect and mass appeal.

    The shops on Boutiques are classified by a number of subsets, from designer or retailer to respective celebrities. Users can also create their own boutique after completing a style personality quiz, and can customize their boutique feed by "following" their favorites.

    Besides the potentially problematic parallels with Net-a-Porter, the concept seems like a cool one, with the potential to provide both distraction and a viable shopping option (for stuff we can't find on NAP, that is).