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Givenchy is Suing BCBG For Its "Knock-Off" Style



    It feels like not a week goes by without news of copyright infringement scandal—which is perhaps a good thing for the fashion industry and its increasing crackdown on knock-offs and fakes.

    This week's latest addition comes to us in the handbag department. In the plaintiff's corner, we have luxury fashion label Givenchy, which recently filed court documents for "trade dress infringement" against BCBG for its "Rembrandt" bag (pictured left), a model that Givenchy claims is a "knock-off" and "unfair competition" to its $2,175 Nightingale bag.

    SheFinds posted the public court documents, filed on November 4, which offer a rather detailed synopsis of the Givenchy Nightingale bag, its prestige and legacy, before accusing BCBG of illegally copying the "popular handbags with the specific intent to profit therefrom."

    Judging by the photos and the names alone (Rembrandt = Nightingale?), this one looks like a tough call.