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Giorgio Armani Duets With Lady Gaga



    Just as Beyonce has Thierry Mugler to conjure up her elaborate performance ensembles, Lady Gaga's found a costumer of her own in legendary couturier Giorgio Armani. It's a somewhat unlikely partnership as their two aesthetics couldn't be more dissimilar—she of the avant-garde meat dresses, and he, the king of classic, streamlined Italian minimalism—however it does speak to Gaga's trademark penchant for unpredictability.  

    Since designing the celestial-inspired orbital hoopdress for her to wear to this year's Grammy Awards, Armani has fashioned an entire wardrobe for Lady Gaga, including the black rubberized gown she wore for a porion of the recent VMA Awards (a very un-Armani-like creation featuring spikes protruding from the chest), as well as the black leather military costumes for her "Alejandro" video. And according to the WSJ, more costumes are on the way, including get-ups for Gaga's forthcoming concert in Italy.

    Surprisingly, it was Armani who reached out to the pop star after seeing her perform at last November's American Music Awards, a move signifying the label's efforts to reach out and establish itself amongst a younger generation of shoppers that doesn't necessarily regard Armani in the same light as those of past eras. A lonstanding go-to brand for classic, and impeccably-cut clothing, the label's seen a recent downturn in sales as last year's net profits dropped 31 percent.

    Spearheaded by the designer's niece Roberta Armani, this new courtship of Gaga proves the designer's not too old—or too tired—to pull out all the stops. As we've already seen in outfits he's designed for her thus far, the 76-year old still knows how to dazzle.