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Giles Deacon's Ungaro Debut to Feature "Superlight Tailoring," Pastels



    Sarah Burton's big debut for McQueen won't be the only big debut at Paris Fashion Week: The house of Ungaro has pinned its hopes onto London-based It-designer Giles Deacon.

    Ungaro has been more than beaten down in the past year -- suffering considerable damage cuased by a brief stint by Lindsay Lohan as creative director, among other bad business decisions -- so Deacon is under quite a bit of pressure to rescue the brand from a creative perspective.

    As Deacon told WWD, however, he's feeling right at home at Ungaro. "There’s a really great energy here,” he said, and thus far it sounds like he's making all the right choices for the brand.

    First off, he's steering clear of a massive runway show in favor of a presentation -- a wise move considering the too-recent memory for many insiders of Lohan's disastrous, pasties-filled show.

    Second, he's avoiding "brash" colors in favor of elegant pastels (mixed with black lace) to pay homage to Ungaro's signature prints and “superlight tailoring." He's also made clear that he's trying to cater to real woman, not red carpet regulars.

    Lastly, Deacon clearly has a grasp of the Ungaro brand that is anything but brassy: In his WWD interview he calls the brand "Fresh, light, colorful and French," in addition to posessing a certain "vivaciousness." Sounds like a collection we might actually like to wear.