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Get Ready for Valentino: The Musical



    It's not surprising to think a documentary was not enough to properly showcase Valentino's storied, 40-year career. Following last year's fly-on-the-wall film "Valentino: The Last Emperor," the designer wants to take the drama one step farther.

    According to the Telegraph, Valentino told Italian newspaper La Repubblica that he and longtime partner Giancarlo Giammetti are "looking at the possibility of taking my story to Broadway, as a musical." 

    Presumably, a theatrical piece will give Valentino the opportunity to showcase the magic of his talent, fame and distinct suntanned character with more gloss than the real-life situations portrayed in "The Last Emperor." Despite an overwhelmingly adoring response to the documentary, the designer thought he "came across as a despot." 

    Will the future then bring us a dancing despot? The possibilities for costume design, legendary story lines and actresses vying for lead roles has us gleefully hoping the play comes to fruition.