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Clooney Holds Court, Denies Wearing Jean Shorts



    George Clooney was as convincing as he was charming in a Milan courtroom, explaining that a photo used to sell clothing and knockoff watches could not possibly be of him. 

    "I don't smoke and I don't wear that watch," Clooney testified Friday as he studied the photo. "I also don't wear long jean shorts."

    The actor was locked in a courtroom confrontation with the executives of a clothing line called "GC Exclusive," who claim Clooney was in on the project from the beginning. The defendents are accused of using Clooney's unauthorized endorsement on their clothing line and also for selling a line of counterfeit Rolex watches with the unauthorized endorsement of Clooney, who is in fact an Omega spokesperson.

    When the defendants produced the purported Clooney photo to prove he was part of their team, the actor left nothing up in the air. Before decisively stating he couldn't be the man in the picture, Clooney cheerfullly introduced himself to a defendant who claimed they'd worked together but Clooney claimed never to have met.

    Also in evidence was a permanent residence ID card that was allegedy Clooney's -- though the picture on the card had been taken by famed photographerAnnie Leibovitz, and not an Italian bureaucrat. One last amusing out-take from the courtroom drama: Clooney's lawyer described her client to the media as being "supernice," sounding more like a starstruck schoolgirl than a high-powered attorney.