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French Connection to Close 75 Percent of U.S. Stores



    On the heels of the announcement that the company will close a whopping 17 of its 23 U.S. stores, many are already speculating on which New York stores might end up on the chopping block.

    The Wall Street Journal couldn't help but point to the now tired-out "FCUK" catchphrase that the store has been using since 1997 as a potential culprit in terms of the brand's fall from grace, and even French Connection's finance director admitted, "At some point we became a little complacent." Whatever the reason, French Connection will officially be closing all but six of its American outposts in short order.

    As such, Crain's was quick to point out that two of the store's current New York locations are pretty close to each other -- one on West Broadway, and another on West 4th Street. But realistically, those seem just far enough away -- and in profitable enough locations -- that they might be spared. And, as one broker told Crain's that he'd be "hard pressed to see them closing."

    Considering the Rockefeller Center outpost already closed last year (and was replaced by a new kind of Brooks Brothers), we'll keep our fingers crossed that the local businesses (and employees) are spared.