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London College of Style to Open This September



    They say a sense of style is something you can't teach, but Wendy Elsmore and Kate Smith, founders of the London College of Style, would disagree. Opening this September, the school will be the first-ever academic institution devoted solely to professional fashion styling.

    Fashion students often bemoan the lack of stylistic training at schools like ParsonsFIT and Central Saint Martins--especially since it is a notoriously difficult field to break into, depending largely (some might say) on who you know and how many bylines you've accumulated.

    But students at the London College of Style will be able to choose from two courses of study: a 12-week styling program taught by biz professionals with courses in garment construction, body shapes, marketing and editorial styling ($5,200 for the whole program), or the Retailers Visual Merchandising program, where specific companies will be able to train their employees in styling and brand indentity. To ensure that graduates find gainful employement, each student will receive a book of contacts upon completion of the program.

    Best of all is the school's e-learning program, which offers non-UK residents access to the same lectures and resource books as the on-site students for just $1320.  Visit to sign up!