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First Look: J. Crew Fall 2010



    J. Crew showed off a fall 2010 collection of mashed-up textures, jewels and jackets in earthy tones and embellished with a flourish.

    Stylelist caught up with creative director Jenna Lyons to get her take on the collection, and she summed it up as "Edie Beale goes to Girl Scout camp," referring to the eccentric woman behind Grey Gardens, with the rough-and-tumble of a happy-go-lucky girlhood summer piled on for good measure. 

    Olive green and rich brown dominated the color pallette, with creamy tulle, dusty pastel furs, sassy shorts with tights, caramel leather and of course, Lyons' signature sequined sparkle.  The jewelry would make a preppy Miss Havisham proud, with carefree styling assembling brooches by the handful, more statement necklaces (hooray!) and stacks of gritty-pretty bangles.

    Going back to the summer camp theme, Lyons tasked the hair styling team to think pre-tween locks, the kind you "slept in it for three days and got twigs and flowers in your hair".  It's that kind of brilliance (just thinking about those days makes us happy) that makes J. Crew so pitch perfect season after season.