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First Look: Bar Refaeli for Rampage



    The moment we've been waiting for with bated breath: the unveiling of the new Rampage spring ad campaign featuring Bar Refaeli

    The girlfriend of Leonardo Dicaprio and overall perfect human specimen posed in the trendy teeny bopper brand's spring collection, which includes girly gingham lingerie and big brights on sexy bikinis, short shorts, acid washed skinny jeans and flirty little sundresses. Much was made of her replacing supermodel Gisele in these ads because, well, there's a certain similarity between the two, and now that Gisele's got a family, it may be that she pulls back a bit on the number of print ads she shoots a year. Then again, she shot her first gig a mere two months after giving birth, so we wouldn't place bets on it.

    As for Ms. Rafaeli, she looks pretty spectacular. We know there were all those rumors about her avoiding her military service, but let's be honest, a chick like that can't be in the army!