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Facebook's Picks Up Some Serious Fashion Cred



    Karl Lagerfeld might have his very own Facebook in white gold (more on that in a minute), but Burberry set the record for most fashion fans on the site when it broke the three-million mark earlier today.

    Burberry has diligently forged for itself a position at the forefront of digital innovation among the high-fashion world, from its groundbreaking Art of the Trench web vignette initiative and industry debut of runway livestreams and subsequently, the click-to-buy interactive feature built on top of said shows. And now, the company has proof the public is responding favorably, in the form of a resounding thumbs-up, three million strong on Facebook. Creative director Christopher Bailey posted a thank-you e-card on the page as a response. 

    While the jury is still out on how profitable social networking communities like Facebook will be for a brand, as the most visible leader of the pack, Burberry has certainly conquered, for the moment, the most sought-after marketing tool of our time.

    Facebook was also the topic of conversation as a fashion force to be reckoned with in an interview with Karl Lagerfeld this week. While the prodigal designer gets the relevance of technology and social media—which in itself should serve as an industry-wide confirmation—he does not personally use them in his day-to-day creative process, and may not totally get what Facebook actually is.

    The media went nuts over the Kaiser's compliment that Facebook is a "flawless object" on par with a Brancusi (does that sound like a rap lyric?), but when he went on to say he'd been given one as a gift, in white gold, we couldn't help but smirk. Not that it matters—it's likely that if it were somehow possible to make a gold version of Facebook, Lagerfeld would be the one to own it, but still, the fact that Lagerfeld would even comment on what's considered a tool of the masses puts Facebook on a haute new level.