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Fall 2014

Fashion Week Party Crashers Almost Made It to the Front Row



    What's harder that crashing a party at the White House? Crashing the front row at New York Fashion Week -- which is exactly what two prep school kids almost managed to do before they got busted by Gawker.

    Remy Renzullo and Becca Shumlin (who happens to be the daughter of Vermont State Senate President -- and gubernatorial candidate -- Peter Shumlin) have attended (crashed?) fashion week before -- during the Spring 2010 shows at Bryant Park last September. They at least have some fashion affiliations: Remy claimed on his blog (which has been taken down after Gawker exposed the duo) that Vogue editor Lauren Santo Domingo had bought one of his dresses, while Becca positioned herself as a fashion blogger, and the two apparently made a habit of hosting impromptu photo sessions (case in point: a shoot on their school's solar panels).

     That said, they are in no way what fashion industry professionals would refer to as front row material. So you can imagine how surprised certain employees at BPCM (the PR firm that runs front-of-house for brands like Preen and Alexander Wang, among others) were to discover Remy Renzullo and Becca Shumlin on all of their various shows' guest lists, including the "tightest shows," as one such source told Gawker.

    BCPM has since officially responded, denying that the duo got in by "hacking" the list. Rather, it seems more likely that "an intern" tried to sneak them onto a list. Regardless, the BCPM rep says there was no way the duo would have ever made it past their staff: "I'm personally involved checking every single name on the list."

    Needless to say, this whole episode is probably giving the twosome more of a name in fashion than they ever would have hoped for.