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Fashion Week Daily Debrief: Fern Mallis on Tuesday



    Fern Mallis, the founder of Fashion Week as we know it in New York, gives us her take on Day Six, from Bibhu and her Blahniks, to parting the seas of "fashion wannabes."

    Sum up your day in one word:


    What was the best thing you saw?

    Bibhu Mohapatra's presentation, the slate sable coats at Dennis Basso, and the diamond wings at House of Waris.

    What shoes did you wear today?

    Princess-heeled black suede Manolo Blahniks.

    What was the most challenging commute between shows?

    Navigating through the crowds of fashion wannabes.

    What item in your bag did you use the most today / were the happiest you had with you?

    My Blackberry.

    Your top “Wow, I work in fashion” moment of the day:

    My whole career is a "wow, I work in fashion" moment.