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Fashion Week Comedown: PR Maven Patrick Bradbury's Top Moments, Relaxation Tips



    The hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week often means that the little things -- like sleep, for example, or a clean apartment -- are relegated to the bottom of the to-do list. And few are hustling and bustling during the week quite like Patrick Bradbury, founder of prominent fashion PR-firm, Bradbury Lewis. Between coordinating fashion shows, arranging seating charts and handling interview requests, Bradbury seems to be in perpetual motion during the February shows. Here, he spills the nuttiest moments of the week, plus his favorite relaxation rituals.

    By the time fashion week ends, my apartment looks: "Like a dressing room gone very very wrong. I usually end up wearing a navy blazer and jeans but try on way too many variations and never have time to put it all away. Thankfully, my fiance Gregory Nato has much patience for my fashion week madness!"

    The very first thing I do when fashion week ends is:
    "Head to the hills! I live in Tuxedo Park just north of Manhattan and I'm always in need of that fresh air and star-filled sky."

    My favorite post-fashion week relaxation treat is: "
    Watching cartoons with my seven-year-old son Jack."

    My favorite show from your client roster this season was: "For me it's a tie between Jen Kao's amazing ability to channel the temperature of fashion and the debut of Tanya Taylor, who set a table for tea and presented her collection with such elegance and flair."

    The craziest moment of this fashion week was: "I think that the craziest moment for me was holding our models at the NAHM presentation for an extra 45 minutes (not an easy task) while we anticipated a very special guest, who did attend and she certainly made all of the hard work very worthwhile."