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Diana Ross x Steve Madden = Joke. Like, an Actual Joke.



    Remember when we (and the blogosphere at large) announced the upcoming Steve Madden x Diana Ross collaboration?  Well, turns out it was a joke.  Obviously.  But with actual celeb collabos on a wild tangent towards the absurd, we actually believed it. 

    Steve Madden reps clarified that their comments regarding their excitement over working with the Motown legend were dropped in sarcasm - a sentiment not properly translated at an investor's meeting.  Madden does have a celebrity collaboration in the pipeline, but (and we picture the gleeful smirks of the company's execs saying this) it's NOT with Diana Ross

    In our defense, we're shopping in a world of Yoko Ono t-shirts and clubwear by a Beverly Hills lawyer's daughter who just happens to have a television show about her family for no reason in particular).  Rodarte just designed figure skating costumes for the Olympics and models are designing what they modelLindsay Lohan managed to disgrace a respected fashion house (clearing its executive board at the same time) on her downward spiral into booze, drugs and oblivion. 

    Thusly, you can't blame the suckers waiting for Diana Ross-bedazzled platforms to hit the mall.  Stranger things have happened.