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Anna Sheffield Whips Up Mint Cocktails, Kicks Back at Rockaway



    Anna Sheffield is all about keeping cool and kicking back in the summer—that is, when she's not working on new designs and filling orders for her hip NYC jewelry label Bing Bang. This year, the designer is whipping up fresh mint cocktails and sporting a ripped-up Saturday's tee to beat the heat.

    Summer Getaway
    "Home to New Mexico or California are high on the list of best summer adventures. If I could be anywhere, I might also say a Greek island ... ever so slightly humid but it makes up for that with swimming in the pristine blue seas."
    Warm-Weather Activity
    "I love inventing new cocktail recipes from fresh, summery ingredients like the wild mint that grows next to my friend AJ's house in Woodstock."
    Summer Workload
    "The same as always, really: full court press. In fashion there is never a dull moment, especially if you are designing and producing two brands at once."
    Fondest Childhood Summer Memory
    "My family used to spend part of the summer and fall in a tiny town on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico when I was a child. I loved being down there because it was so wild and different from where we lived up North. We sailed often and would cook the fish we caught that day. It was always sort of glorious to be there with the sea creatures and strange little kid style adventures."

    Summer Uniform
    "Shorts or a skirt, a chopped-up tee (loving my Saturday's Surf one right now) and peep-toe heels. I like being tall even in the summer."

    Summer Treat
    "The cucumber juice at Gitane or the vegan ice cream at Lula's Sweet Apothecary. Both are sweet and mostly healthy."

    Summer Anthem
    "This summer I am feeling Blouse 'Into Black' ... though they really change from day to day, my anthems."
    Summer Style Icon
    "Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper—more my personal ethos around summer style icon. In terms of actual summer style, Tallulah Morton pretty much takes the cake for classy without being the least bit fussy."
    Ultimate NYC Vacation for a Day
    "Rockaways! It's so close and really pretty magical for a city beach. Plus, the Big Banana is there. I love an excuse to eat sweets, and the chocolate peanut frozen banana treat is obsession worthy (not to mention the legendary Rockaway Taco)."

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