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Designer Ann Yee Sports "Heidi Braids" in the Summer, Pours Root Beer Floats



    Not only does NYC up-and-comer Ann Yee have a knack for creating cool, no-fuss garments, but the designer knows how to keep her cool during the sticky summer months as well. Favoring rooftop BBQ and the occasional Fire Island excursion, we'll take a page from Yee's book when it comes to chilling out while temperatures heat up.

    Summer Getaway: "Fire Island with the girls or a trip home to Michigan to catch up with my family."

    Warm Weather Activity: "Nonstop BBQs and roof parties!"

    Beat-the-Heat Solution: "Escaping to the movies."

    Summer Workload: "Endless days at the factory and running around the Garment Center, but at least I can get some color without going to the beach!"

    Fondest Childhood Summer Memory: "Chasing after the ice cream truck outside my grandparents' home with my cousins and brother so we could get those chocolate eclair bars... yum."

    Summer Uniform: "Cut-off Levi's, cropped top, my lucky elephant necklace, and Heidi braids."

    Summer Treat: "Root beer floats all the way—there's a constant supply of vanilla ice cream and root beer at my place."

    Summer Anthem: "Right now, 'Goodbye Horses' by Q Lazzarus."

    Summer Style Icon: "Brigitte Bardot."

    Ultimate NYC Vacation-For-A-Day: "The Cloisters. It's beautiful, inspiring, and peaceful. You can grab brunch at New Leaf Restaurant, after you roam the gardens."

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