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Fall 2014

Daily Wrap 2/12



    Jason Wu's show was one of the most buzzed-about of the day (after Rag & Bone's stellar collection), because it took chances and broke ranks with the predictably prettified Wu we've seen in the past.

    Laurel: I was surprised and pleased with the amount of masculine pieces that drifted into Wu's new collection. Those square, Irving Penn-style coats were just so chic, especially paired with something more feminine. Of course, nothing was terribly off-key in terms of Wu's urge to create perfect, pretty clothing -- but the almost caricature-esque black-and-white dresses were playful enough to feel more presenational than retail-focused, and some of the heavy draping was downright unflattering (even on a model), but still fun to watch. Those pieces were definitely the more confusing of the bunch, but overall I thought it managed to be quite cohesive.

    Kendall: Fashion Week usually starts off slowly, with some of the more low-key designers showing first. Wu bucked that trend in presenting his collection today, The standouts, for me, were the short, ethereal white dresses. Wu's sense of playfulness overall was a surprise and delight -- who can be sad in a cocktail dress with that kind of full skirt?