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Cynthia Rowley Talks Designer Diapers and Fall Trends



    Cynthia Rowley's Designer Diapers

    "Diapers are the first article of clothing a human wears," says the fashion designer of the reason why she launched a new line of stylish Pampers for Target. Cynthia chats about what baby items you should splurge on and which ones to cut costs on, how she's prepping for Fashion Week and her favorite fall trends. (Published Friday, Aug. 13, 2010)

    Designer Cynthia Rowley stopped by the LX-New York studios yesterday to give a close-up look at her new line of designer diapers for Target (which even we have had to admit look pretty cute), and managed to actually go from talking about baby clothes to cooing over the latest fall wares hitting the stores.

    As Rowley points out, the current season's collections are favoring good fabrics and a certain minimalism in terms of design. "Designers are being really thoughtful," says Rowley, pointing out that there are plenty of pieces worth investing in.