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Courtney Love on What Courtney Wore Today



    Last week when we reported on the emergence of What Courtney Wore Today, the somewhat perplexing blog dedicated to the Hole singer's daily outfits, we offered some speculation regarding its authorship (not to mention its bizarre riff on the daily style sites that have become regular fixtures on trendsetters' browsers).

    Today WWD provides some clarity on the subject, reporting that Love described the blog as "a social experiment," and a group effort at that. Coyly playing on the mysterious hype surrounding the site, Love offered up only the initials T, L, and X as the identities of her "operatives," with the fourth player remaining a complete secret—even to her.

    According to Love, in addition to granting the blogging foursome complete access to her computer files, she also provides them with at least one daily image of a what she wore that day. Ultimately, the bloggers are in control of the site and its content. "They are doing their thing, and I haven't been offended once in the past two days," explains Love.

    While we're somewhat loathe to give this subject any more screen space than we already have, it does reveal the phenomenon of viral web-hype which, fashionable or not, can have sweeping effects.