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Costello Tagliapietra: Fall 2010



    Last night, fashion's favorite suspender-wearers, Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, proved once again that drop-dead gorgeous dresses don't have to be fussy. 

    "It's based on a recent trip we made to Japan," says Robert.  "and how it sort of sparked this interest in traditional Japanese clothing, as well as early 80's Commes and Yohji--which we've always been fans of."

    Conceived in a sophisticated palette of rosy browns, golds, and a multi-colored circle print called "Ghosts" (developed by AirDye, which developed a technique of dying fabric without water), the collection was composed primarily of draped dresses and skirt-n-top sets, with a few metallic pants thrown into the mix.  We were digging the "secretarial geisha" vibe, driven home by messy top knots and orangey-red lips.

    "The storyline is of this young girl embarking on her life, taking that trans-Siberian train from Russia to Japan.  It's a young, hopeful attitude," says Robert.

    The clothes did feel youthful--and the styling cast a charming, naive glow to the collection--but off the runway, we think this will prove an utterly ageless collection, with pieces that mothers and daughters will swap.  These are clothes to make women feel beautiful and intelligent. Honestly, who wants to feel any other way?