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Cold Picnic Rocks Out to T-Rex and Leonard Cohen

[THREAD] Cold Picnic Rock Out to T-Rex and Leonard Cohen



    If you've been to their Williamsburg boutique, A Thousand Picnics (which they co-curate with fellow NYC jewelry label, Species by the Thousands), you know that Cold Picnic's Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer have terrific taste in everything from homewares and textiles to apothecary products and accessories.

    Now, the husband-and-wife duo can add top-notch tunes to the list. Here, they spill the ten songs playing on "repeat" in their studio this season.

    1. "Electric Slim and the Factory Hen," T-Rex - "T. Rex songs make you feel so cool and happy. There are so many sad or creepy songs that give us goosebumps, but this is the only upbeat song
    we can think of that does it."

    2. "Black Tears," Witch - "Witch is a Zambian rock band from the '70s—and they're amazing. We love how this song sounds energetic and sinister at the same time."

    3 "El Justiciero," Os Mutantes - "We love love, love this song. We put it on every other mix we make. There's just something about it that stops you in your tracks. Maybe because they keep shouting 'hey!'"

    4. "Mercy Seat," Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "This song is so dramatic, and kind of scary, in the best way possible that Nick Cave does so well."

    5. "Maybe the People Would be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale," Love - "Love is the perfect name for this band. When we make mixes at home to work to, we often put Love songs after scary songs."

    6."Chelsea Hotel #2," Leonard Cohen - "Chelsea Hotel #2 is so sad, and a little sordid."

    7. "To Beat the Devil," Kris Kristofferson - "We love Kris Kristofferson, and nothing beats a song where you just get to hear him talk half the time."

    8. "Love Hangover", Diana Ross -"This is one of those songs that just makes you feel cool when you listen to it."

    9."Billy 1 (Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid)," Bob Dylan - "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid is one of our favorite movies, and the soundtrack is definitely one of our favorite albums. This song epitomizes the whole movie for us."

    10. "If I Saw You in the Morning," Ronee Blakely - "We first got introduced to Ronee Blakely in Robert Altman's Nashville. She's incredible! This song is off her album, 'Welcome.'"

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