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Cindy Crawford Designing "One Kiss" Jewelry Line for JC Penney



    Describing her relationship with JC Penney as being "married", Cindy Crawford offers up a sneak peek, and some honest insight, into her new "One Kiss" jewelry line for the retailer, which hits stores and web in April.

    Another day, another money-making collaboration between a celebrity and a retailer at which we assume said celebrity would not otherwise shop (hey, we could be wrong).  This time, uber-famous supermodel Cindy Crawford expands on her realm at JC Penney with a new mid-price jewelry line called "One Kiss", after the henna symbol for kiss.  What we found refreshing, however, was Crawford's frankness when speaking to WWD about the genesis of the line, basically citing Jane Seymour's collection for Kay Jewelry and their desire to create something as successful under the same basic formula.  JC Penney SVP Pam Mortensen is equally straightforward saying without spin that the partnership reflects chain's desire to amp up their style.  

    Usually we get a lot of mumbo jumbo about how hands-on and inspired celebrity designers are, whether it's accurate or not, but we all know the truth, and it rhymes with "honey."  In this case, jewelry is refreshingly pretty, featuring delicate four-leaf flower shapes in sterling silver, gemstones and diamond.  The 40-piece collection will retail between $79-$299.