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Checking In: Phillip Lim on his Second CFDA Nomination



    Checking In: Phillip Lim on his Second CFDA Nomination

    Like Oscars or Grammys, most designers can only dream of earning a CFDA award. Others, like Phillip Lim, seem destined for repeat recognition. Just four years ago, Phillip Lim received the CFDA award for "Emerging Talent in Womenswear" only to be nominated again last month, this time for the Swarovski Award in Menswear. With a companion line for children and even the occasional dog accessory, we have a sneaky suspicious this won't be Lim's last turn at the podium.
    What, if anything, did you do to celebrate upon learning you'd been nominated for the Swarovski Award in Menswear?

    I was in Barcelona on business, but I celebrated there with some friends and my team.  We celebrated Spanish style, looking at an amazing view with an ice cold beer.

    Is this recognition particularly satisfying to you, having been more widely known for your work in womenswear?
    Absolutely, being recognized by my peers is so important to me because they really understand what we as designers go through to get the results we do. The menswear is so personal to me because I get to experience it first hand, I wear it! so I am really critical of it.
    What's the most challenging thing about translating what was initially only a women's brand into one that includes men and children? I think for me it is how much I can push the boundaries with menswear. With the women’s collection I get to wipe the slate clean every season but the menswear is a slower progression – it is really a development and the refinement of an existing idea.
    Any hints about what we can look forward to for spring 2012?
     I would love to share this with you – but I am working on two other collections (women’s Holiday and Resort) before I can even begin on spring/summer.
    Your official "song of spring," if you had to pick one?
    It is a Chromatics cover of a Bruce Springsteen song called ‘I’m on Fire.’
    Any trips or summer excursions you're excited for this season?
    I am heading to a wedding in Tulum in May which I am really looking forward to – I am sure I will gather some very fond memories.

Your summer reading list includes:
    A Gloria Vanderbilt Biography, "The Beautiful Fall" by Alicia Drake and "Just Kids" by Patti Smith.

    Which McQueen dress are you most looking forward to seeing in person at the Met Gala?
    Wow—too many to choose just one. I am looking forward to seeing them all.